Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where, exactly, is the outrage?

Besides Glenn Greenwald's blog, I mean.  

I want to just get this straight in my head: Obama trashes the Bush Administration for its horrible policies on detention of terrorists, then proceeds to not only retain them when he becomes president but actually finds a way to make them worse by incorporating blatant show trials.  And where is the loony left?  Cue the crickets.

Greenwald and Jonathan Turley are at least calling him on it, but we'll see what the MSM has to say, as well as all those in Congress and the "international community" who spent the past seven years railing against the Bush Administration for their open-ended detention of terrorists.  As Greenwald says: 
 In its own twisted way, the Bush approach was actually more honest and transparent:  they made no secret of their belief that the President could imprison anyone he wanted without any process at all.  That's clearly the Obama view as well, but he's creating an elaborate, multi-layered, and purely discretionary "justice system" that accomplishes exactly the same thing while creating the false appearance that there is due process being accorded.   And for those who -- to justify what Obama is doing -- make the not unreasonable point that Bush left Obama with a difficult quandary at Guantanamo, how will that excuse apply when these new detention powers are applied not only to existing Guantanamo detainees but to future (i.e., not-yet-abducted) detainees as well.
And from Turley: 
Liberals continue to be largely silent in the face of policies that they once denounced and protested. It is rare to hear any coverage or questions of the Administration’s refusal to investigate war crimes of torture, for example. Liberals seem to be quickly developing a cult of personality that has supplanted the most basic principles of human rights and international law. 
Hmpf.  Res ipsa loquitor, indeed.
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