Thursday, July 23, 2009

NORKS go postal on Hilary while she flops around on Burma

This is just too hilarious. Apparently the North Koreans have issued a charming statement in response to HRC calling them unruly children, and it is in classic Nork-speak:

“We cannot but regard Mrs. Clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community,” the North Korean statement said. “Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.”

Love it.

This comes on the same day when HRC is all over the map on Burma, coming in with a policy today that is nearly the polar opposite of the one she was espousing yesterday, to whit from today's Wash Post:

The release of Suu Kyi is "critical" to easing the strained relations between Burma and the United States, Clinton said. "If she were released, that would open up opportunities at least for my country to expand our relationship with Burma, including investments in Burma," she told reporters while attending a regional security forum.
Really, all she had to do was get of the plane and not say something incredibly stupid to one-up the fact that Condi could not be bothered to go to an ASEAN ministerial. Oh well.

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