Friday, July 24, 2009

Rasmussen: Obama, Boxer both below 50%

Rasmussen has Obama below 50% approval for the first time in his presidency. His strong favorable/strong unfavorable differential has now reached 8 points. This is on the heels of polling that showed Obama tied with Romney in possible 2012 matchup polling, and only beating Sarah Palin by 6 points (!). Think about the past six months of media coverage each of them has had as you ponder that...

They are also reporting that Barbara "Don't Call me Ma'am" Boxer is "clinging to a 4 point lead" in a theoretical race with Carly Fiorino. At 45%, Boxer is well below the half-way point. Considering she is a well-funded Democratic incumbent in one of the most heavily Democratic states in the country, this is what the President would call an "unhelpful" poll. There was also a story in Politico yesterday about how her Dem colleagues in the Senate are concerned that her shrill personality and abrasive style - leading causes of recent bad press - are going to tank the cap & tax bill.

Glimmers of hope for the GOP, but it needs to have something to offer voters as Dems keep the machine gun aimed at their big toe.
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