Sunday, June 21, 2009

Message from friend in Iran

I just got a message from my friend who lives in Kermanshah, Iran, which is in the western part of the country near the border with Iraq.  Further proof that this is not just Tehran, but is a nationwide uprising. 

To be honest people are under pressure,no body knows the reality,the presidential election results are clearly manipulated and there is no reference to investigate,police attacks protesters and there is no more permission for any kind of meetings,so many young boys and girls have been injured and killed( I saw myself the funeral ceremony of a young boy around 22 ,killed by police of Kermanshah on last Wednesday,his family were under sever control of hidden security agents and no body could not take photo or ask sth)
news from Iranian authority is not true up to 90 percent,and sat channels are blocked,and SMS system still is off,Internet is censored and access to so many websites is not possible and speed is minimum,
Here is the deepest point of hell,))
We dont know want will happen,
generally life is normal but there is no F...dom here ,
Sorry 4 delay ,Internet has lots of problems during these days.
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