Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amazing Iranians

This is my new blog.  I'll be writing about human rights and democracy, foreign policy -- especially in Asia, US politics, and whatever else catches my attention.  The topic de jour is what is happening in Iran.  I am totally obsessed with what these brave people are doing and can't stop reading about them (to the detriment of things I am supposed to be working on).  I don't have any illusions about the situation there, but I am still finding it totally inspiring and amazing.  I don't know how anyone could not be inspired by people who have the courage to walk out on the streets and face down thugs with guns, strictly because of an idea or a principle. 

It has also been fascinating to see how this has become a domestic political issue because of President Obama's response (or non-response, depending on who you ask).  I personally think he needs to start going over the heads of the mullahs and talk directly to the people of Iran, and do so in personal language about universal values of freedom and human rights, without all the lawyerly weasel words that sound like hedging even when they aren't.   Even the French have had better statements than BHO - not good!  Plus, if the mullahs are going to blame the US for the protests regardless of what we say or do, we should at least have the spine to stand up for the people who are being shot and beaten in the streets.  Should be interesting to see how this develops both there and here.

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