Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am calmer now but Jim Webb is still an idiot

Ok. This guy goes to Burma to tell the junta he doesn't like sanctions on them either, and ends up engaged in a little hostage diplomacy with the military dictatorship. Who does this guy think he is anyway - Bill Clinton? Well, Than Shwe seems to be channeling Kim Jung Il, so why not. And he got to meet with Suu? She should have told him to go jump in Lake Inya, along with his new traveling companion, but she is way to classy for that. I hope that she was able to explain to him how he is being used by the junta, since he can't figure it out for himself. For instance:

"It is my hope that we can take advantage of these gestures as a way to begin laying a foundation of goodwill and confidence-building in the future," Webb said in the statement.

Riiight. I am really annoyed right now. What is wrong with Virginia? Also, remember that this guy was seriously being considered by The One as vice president material? God help us. And the left makes fun of Palin. This nitwit makes her look positively statesmanlike. And poor Suu having to sit across from this guy for 40 minutes. I suspect that 2 minutes into the meeting she was wishing she could go back under house arrest.
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  1. As a liberal, I remember cheering raucously around 1am on election night 2006 when Webb overtook Allen in the Virginia Senate race. Now I am so disappointed in Webb with his bone-headed opinions and actions on Burma.